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08 January 2014

How to Pay The First Premium for Covered California

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  To stay on top of Obamacare notifications, I signed up for both electronic and paper mail. This conflicts with one new year resolution of mine to save more trees but aligns perfectly with another goal: to take better care of myself and pay my bills on time.

   Lucky for me and the rest of us, the due date to pay the first premium for Covered California insurance plans has been extended. Unfortunately, this means my original bill sacrificed trees for nothing.

  The Obama administration announced Saturday an extension, making the new due date January 15 to pay the first month’s premium for Covered California plans. For those who haven't signed up for insurance, that date happens to coincide with the last day to enroll for coverage beginning February 1st.

    For all insurance companies, once you pay the premium, they will send you your ID card and summary of benefits. Some companies take up to two weeks (they say 10 days) in which case you can hit the gym and work on your resolution in the meantime.

  So where and how do I pay my first Covered California premium?

  Here's a list of payment sites and phone numbers for each provider:

Covered California Provider


Customer Serivce #





Anthem Blue Cross


Blue Shield of California


Chinese Community Health


Contra Costa Health

855.957.2247 Ext. 3

Health Net


Kaiser Permanente

888.236.4490 (payment)


800.539.0695 (enrollment)


Molina Healthcare


L.A. Care Health Plan


Sharp Health Plan


Valley Health Plan

888.421.8444 Option 2

Western Health Advantage