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29 September 2014

National Coffee Day: What if Buying Coffee Was Like Health Insurance?

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Everyone's giving away free coffee on National Coffee Day. And I'm just trying to connect Obamacare to what's topical and keep my job. Turns out someone already found a way. Yes there is an actual cartoon inspired by Obamacare that answers the question, "What if buying coffee was like health insurance?"

It's obviously not in favor of the Affordable Care Act, but here it is anyway. 

Some things to look out for: produced this. Not sure what losing means for reality and their website doesn't do a great job explaining.

The guy in the hoodie looks young (or is he just drawn that way?). I'm guessing he's in his 20s.

He's clearly talking to the worst health insurance agents (baristas) judging by the $700 quote.

Since insurance prices are determined by age, location, and income, let's look at how much insurance would really cost the average 27-year-old in California who earns $50,000.

First, it wouldn't cost close to $700. Over 75% of uninsured young people qualify for health insurance subsidies, so their premiums would drop significantly no matter what plan they pick. 

In the video, the hoodie guy wants a black coffee (code for bare bones insurance plan). In California, a minimal coverage bronze plan for a 20-something costs an average $46 (when subsidies are applied) up to $192 (without subsidies).  And that includes the 10 essential benefits the hoodie guy bemoaned. So much for "ridiculous rates". 

The rest of the video wastes time in the following categories: 

Complaining about health insurance mandates (when no one complains about having to buy car insurance).

Complaining about not needing all 10 essential benefits but still having to pay for them (News flash: no one watches all 700 channels they pay for). 

Complaining about owing a "shared responsibility payment" (You had 6 months to buy health insurance!). The next open enrollment starts November 15. 

Complaining about going somewhere else to buy "coffee" (Good, no one wants your crap attitude. But if you're still looking here are some great health insurance agents!).